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Who We Are?

We’re an online platform that helps you share and manage your qualifications. We know how important trust and credibility are in life. So, we created SIGKAT to make it easier for people and organizations to handle and share their credentials. Our goal is to give you a safe and easy-to-use space where you can save your valid credentials. We think that by making this process trustworthy, reliable, and not too expensive, we can make a positive difference in people’s lives! We’d also like to thank socialmarketing90 for teaming up with us and helping us stay up-to-date with the latest trends in digital marketing.


SIGKAT has truly revolutionized the way I manage my credentials. The interface is so easy to use, and I love how I can share my achievements with just a few clicks!

Elena Miles​

Website Developer

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We prioritize your trust and satisfaction, aiming to provide a seamless and reliable experience for credential management.

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Our Services

Secure Credential Storage and Support

Rest assured with our secure and encrypted credential storage your valuable credentials are kept safe with us and easily accessible whenever you need them. Our platform prioritizes the confidentiality and integrity of your data and takes every possible measure to safeguard it

Real-Time Credential Verification

Experience the convenience of real-time credential verification. Whether you’re an organization verifying a candidate’s qualifications or an individual confirming a partner’s credentials, we facilitate swift and accurate verifications, enhancing trust and efficiency

Customized Credential Sharing Options

Easily customize your credential-sharing preferences on our platform. Choose who can access and view specific credentials; we provide you with control and flexibility in sharing your achievements and qualifications with the right audience

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